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If you’re in need of Coeur D’Alene motorcycle repair, tire replacement, servicing, or custom work, you’ve found the right place. At Coeur D’Alene Motorcycles, we service and repair most major brands of bikes, including water, street, dirt, and ATVs. We pride ourselves on honesty and fairness, and will get your repair or customization job done in a timely manner.

Jason Hawthorne, owner of Coeur D’Alene Motorcycles, spent more than a decade in the military, and is a certified Harley Davidson Technician. We conduct business the old fashioned way, maintaining attention to detail while keeping our valued customers informed on their machine’s progress.

Our passion is creating custom Spokane motorcycles. We specialize in designing and building one-of-a-kind bikes for veterans and the disabled, so if you have the spark of an idea, we can turn it into a reality.

Spokane Motorcycles – Custom Bikes – Motorcycle Repair – Extensive Experience

  • We service and repair most major brands of motorcycle, including older models
  • Coeur D’Alene Motorcycles designs and creates custom bike masterpieces
  • We will keep your motorcycle purring with regular 20k servicing and tire replacement
  • Your Certified Harley Technician and Former Lead Harley Tech understands Spokane motorcycles
  • Our reputation for honesty and quality workmanship is well documented


Quality Spokane Motorcycle Repair & Servicing

From motorcycle repair and regular maintenance to original custom creations, we would love for you to find out why our customers keep coming back by giving us the opportunity to work on your bike. If you value quality workmanship, honest estimates, and fast turnaround, we are confident that we can become your motorcycle repair shop of choice.

Most motorcycle dealerships refuse to work on older bikes. We offer motorcycle repair and servicing from the day you ride your bike out of the showroom until it carries you on its final mile. We service and repair most major brands of motorcycles (except BMW), and just about any other machine with a small engine.

Or specialty is regular maintenance and tire replacement, including scheduled 20k checkups. If your bike needs attention, our Spokane motorcycle repair expert will have you back on the road as quickly as possible. We will also make sure to keep you up-to-date on your bike’s progress, so you aren’t left wondering what’s going on with your motorcycle.


Spokane Motorcycles – Servicing & Repair Pricing

We approach pricing and estimates honestly by only charging you for the time a repair should take according to manufacturer specifications. If a suggested repair time is listed at 3.5 hours, we charge you for 3.5 hours, even if it take more time to complete the job. If you have rusty bolts that are difficult to remove, taking extra time that wasn’t expected, you won’t charge you extra money for your motorcycle repair. This is one of the reasons why so many dealerships won’t work on older motorcycles. Because we are a small repair shop, we are able to do whatever it takes to keep our customers satisfied.

We approach parts from this same, honest perspective, which means you will never pay for a motorcycle part that you don’t need. If we make a mistake during a repair job and damage an unrelated part, we won’t pass that cost along to you because we own our errors. If you’ve ever gotten a phone call from a Spokane motorcycle repair shop saying they’re going to charge you more money than estimated, then you understand why it’s so frustrating to work with bigger companies. You won’t have to worry about this scenario when you bring your bike into us, because we stand by our estimates.

We Will Build Your Custom Spokane Bike

Our passion is designing and creating original, unique, custom motorcycles that will make you the envy of everyone on the highway. Take some time to browse some of our custom motorcycle masterpieces on our site, and see if any of our creations spark your imagination.

We proudly design and create custom bikes for the disabled, building motorcycles that function perfectly for your particular need. Please give us a call today, so that we can discuss your ideas and review various options.

Why Choose Coeur D’Alene Motorcycles

We offer extensive experience and unrivaled personalized customer care, so we are well-equipped to handle job involving Spokane motorcycles. If you’re tired of getting jerked around by a motorcycle repair business or dealership, we understand. In fact, we got into Spokane motorcycle repair because we were tired of being ripped off.

Spokane Motorcycle

When you leave your motorcycle with a professional shop for repairs, you have a reasonable expectation that you’ll be treated fairly, get an accurate estimate, and an idea of when the job will be done. However, big repair shops are less concerned with your expectations and more concerned with their bottom line. If you’ve ever been disappointed with a bike shop in Spokane, you are one of many.

At Coeur D’Alene Motorcycles, we stand by our estimates and take pride in our work. We will tell you what your motorcycle repair job will cost and we stick by our cost estimate, even if it takes longer than we expected. We never rush jobs on Spokane motorcycles. We are a family-owned motorcycle repair business, and we pride ourselves on getting the job done right without making you deal with any hassles.

Your Dream Made Real

As a Certified Harley Davidson Technician, Jason Hawthorne has the experience required to get your motorcycle running, and keep it running. We never take shortcuts, and always focus on the job at hand. Bring your motorcycle to our repair expert and find out why we have so many repeat customers.

We are eager to share our love of motorcycles with you. Our dream is to one day focus on creating custom bikes for military veterans and the disabled. In the meantime, share your ideas with us so that we can work together to create something spectacular.

Let us service, maintain, and repair your motorcycle, and find out the power of a handshake and a promise kept.

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