Custom Bikes

As it has been said the rarest Harley is a stock Harley so let us have the opportunity to WOW you with  our specialty in making customizations to your bike, weather it is just to make it your own style or to help you with a disability. We can add a rake to your bike to give it a chopper look or so you can add a big wheel. We can add an air ride suspension to your bike so you can adjust the ride height while on the move or so when you stop you can easily get on and off your scoot. We have done everything from hidden taillights to colored LED’s to make your bike be seen in the dark or to give it that edgy look while sitting in a parking lot. Here is just a few of the bikes we have done.

The Black Pearl, Owner CPT Morgan



The Gambler:

This softail beauty has a twin cam S&S 130 with a 6 speed transmission, 41 degree rake, high rise drag bars, and a set of short radial pipes making this bike gather everyone’s attention while riding or sitting.

Little Smoke:
This custom EVO sporty is on a powder coated ridged frame with a coffin tank, stretched rear fender, black gator seats, 41 degree rake, with high rise drag bars. The Motor has had head work, cams, S&S carb, with drag pipes making this chain driven sporty scoot along the open road great.

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